Kindergarden Canvas

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

Welcome Back

on April 3, 2013

Welcome back to the last term of Kindergarten. We were all excited to see each other after Spring Break. We have a garden plot in the back of the school where we planted various greens prior to the break. On Tuesday we headed outside to see what had sprouted. It is very exciting. We will be planting more in our plot as the month progresses.

In math we are learning about volume. Students are learning how to predict, compare, and estimate capacity.

For the next couple of weeks in art we will be learning about and reproducing art in the style of Henri Matisse.

The week prior to Spring Break I instituted a new routine. Every Thursday morning we hold a class meeting. We sit around the perimeter of the carpet where we all have the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings. We pass a stone egg around the circle (see below for a photo). If an individual wishes not to share he or she says “pass”. When sharing the focus needs to remain on ourselves. We use I statements to share our feelings.

The class made a book this week inspired by the book Goodnight Moon.




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