Kindergarden Canvas

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

Special Art Activity

Ronen’s grandma, who is a professional artist, came in this morning and showed us some of her work. She also brought in a large canvas and acrylic paints for the class to make our own painting. First we practised sketching ducks:

We then took turns painting:

Here is our finished canvas:


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We are continuing to do a lot of Smartboard activities pertaining to insects.


Here is a photo from Friday’s iPad session:


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Our First Digital Book

Our First Digital Book

On Friday Callum brought a dead wasp to school.  This inspired a lot of discussion about insects.  I thought I’d harness the interest and get the class to demonstrate what they’ve learned to date by creating a class digital book.  I used an iPad and had children sit with me one on one and use the app StoryKit.  Here’s our book: Insects.

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Henri Matisse

We viewed a video to learn about
Icarus then reproduced Matisse’s Icarus collage.


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Georgia O’Keeffe

Adam brought us some tulips this morning.

The flowers inspired me to do a Georgia O’Keeffe art lesson. We used chalk pastels as a medium. I encouraged the class to draw a picture from the perspective of an insect.




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Earth Day

Ms. McKnight did the following Earth Day project last week.


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This morning instead of printing and word work I introduced the class to spelling programs on our school iPads. I taught the class how to navigate an
iPad: become familiar with the home button, volume and mute button scrolling, and how to close windows.



We spent 45 minutes using spelling programs. Everyone was focused and listened to my directives so I then gave them 15 minutes to play any of the games on the iPad.

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Earth Day Video for Kids

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Earth Day Kindergarten Movie

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Earth Day

Nightingale is having an Earth Day assembly Thursday morning at 9:15 am. Family members are welcome to attend.

This morning we discussed how we can help the Earth. We came up with the following list:


I showed the class two videos. We then worked on creating postcards for the school’s Earth Day postcard contest. One side of the card needed to be illustrated. I asked the class to take their time, add details, and include a background. The results are spectacular! Students needed to include a message on the other side of the card which directly correlates to the illustration.



I have booked a field trip for the class. Friday May 31st we will be going to the Vancouver Landfill in Delta. We will have a tour and see first hand where our trash ends up.

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