Kindergarden Canvas

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

Welcome Back

on January 9, 2013

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break. Our theme for the month of January is Winter. We will be learning vocabulary relating to winter clothing and activities. Students will be getting Winter booklets to add to their classroom book bag. In Math we are learning about measurement with a focus on length. We are also continuing to practise numeral formation. In gym we are learning how to skip with skipping ropes. We are practising swinging the rope over our heads then step step. As a whole class we are learning how to do the Snake, Wave, and Limbo. February 14th Nightingale is having our annual Jump Rope for Heart event. Parents and family friends are invited to attend. An assembly is held in the gym. Each class prepares a routine to music. It is a lot of fun. Please come if you are able to.

In Mindful Education I am teaching the class optimism. I defined optimism as positive thinking whereas pessimism is negative thinking. I explained that optimism helps prevent us from flipping our lid. Our amygdala is sensitive to pessimism. Being pessimistic can lead us to uncomfortable feelings. I explained that we can train our bodies with physical exercise to become physically healthy and fit. We can train our brains as well. In the next week I’ll be writing more about optimism on the blog.

In art we are continuing to study surrealism. This week I asked the class to create a surrealist drawing. (We did a lot of talk before hand sharing ideas. ). I gave the class the option of using chalk pastels as a medium. I am going to make a display in the front hallway. I had each child describe their artwork to me. I am going to type up the descriptions and attach to the work.

In printing we are working on round and curvy lower case letters.


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