Kindergarden Canvas

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

Sight Words

The following list of words are the most frequently occurring words in the English language and make up approximately 25% of all words used in school texts. As such it is my goal to have my students read and write them by the end of Kindergarten. We play word games and practice them in cheerleading spelling.

the, a, is, and, of, to, you, in, it, was, he, for, that

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I forgot to mention in a previous post that as part of our Morning Pages routine we are predicting the temperature and then going to Weather Canada’s website to find out the current temperature. We are using the terms warmer, cooler, and the same. I also ask the class if our predictions are reasonable.

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More Reading

As students are becoming more confident with their reading skills I am encouraging them to read to the class.


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We have been practising reading the books in our froggy book bags.



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We have used collage techniques to create winter scenes, which are displayed in the classroom.


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Last week I read several books on symmetry. I modelled how to create snowflake drawings, pointing out that snowflakes are symmetrical. Our creations are displayed in the classroom.



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We are continuing to work on measurement. In gym I get students to compare the lengths of skipping ropes using the terms shorter and longer. In class we are comparing the mass of objects. I have students make predictions using their hands as a balance. Then we check our predictions using a pan balance.





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We’ve been reading and rereading a couple of books which feature onomatopoeic words.



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Morning Pages

I am transitioning the class from doing a calendar routine to doing Morning Pages on the Smartboard. By this time of year students should have a good grasp of how to do calendar. I get the special helper to change the days of the week and the pattern during music listening.

I am doing a lot of activities where students come up to the Smartboard.



I set the routine that students go up to the Smartboard one by one in order of their seating on the carpet. I’ve trained the kids to pass the pen automatically to the person besides them. Meanwhile I take on the role of conductor. I keep the class occupied by giving them tasks. E.g. See how many n’s you can find in the morning message. Will your count be the same as everyone else’s? Let’s sing the preposition song. Can you do the same action pattern I am doing with my body?

There is a lot of content that I cover during Morning Pages. You are welcome to sit in the room in the morning and observe us. In early February we will be having student led conferences. You will be able to view the Morning Pages at that time.

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Winter Theme

We have been doing several activities on the Smartboard.



Each student has a copy of the In Winterbooklet. During the past week I have been doing word work pertaining to the vocabulary used within the booklet. I sent home today a worksheet which reinforces the work we have done so far. Please have your child read the words to you and sign and return the homework slip.

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