Kindergarden Canvas

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

Today we glued our Christmas poems and songs into our poetry book. We then practised reading them. After that we read books from our book bag.



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Christmas Stations

Grade 6 students were leaders and led the groups from station to station. Students who came to my station made edible snowmen. They took this

and turned it into this:

Meanwhile I played Christmas music on the Smartboard.


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Christmas Stations

The primary students are having fun this morning. Here are a few photos.



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Math and More

This month in Math we are working on numeral formation.  I am continuing to work on patterns.  The pattern on our calendar is ABB.  I get the class to do an ABB pattern using their body. For instance, we’ll clap then hop hop.  The special helper gets to create a pattern which we follow.

In printing we are continuing to work on upper case letters.  We are working on slant line letters which should be finished within the next week.

We are almost finished Second Step.  We have two more lessons which I’ll teach next week.  Today we discussed the importance of using words to solve a problem.  We practiced saying “I feel __ when you ___.”  Reviewing how to calm down and using the problem solving steps is ongoing.

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The Persistence of Memory

Here’s a photo of The Persistence of Memory which I projected onto the Smartboard. I used a yellow pen to show the class the landmarks of the artwork. We used pencil and pencil crayon to reproduce it. I will display the sketches on one of the classroom walls.

We have been doing partner talk to describe what our own surreal piece of artwork would look like. I led the class on a guided visualization where I asked them to imagine a location, a season, a place, and object. Today I asked the class to identify a surreal aspect of their potential art piece. Eyeballs are very popular – on shoes, on a cave. . .


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We have been busy analyzing Surreal art. I read a book to the class, Imagine a Place, that is filled with surreal images.


I used one of the school’s document cameras to project some pages from the book onto the Smartboard. This enabled students to come up to the screen and point out the surreal aspects of the picture.


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Get Surreal! with Salvador Dali

We’ve watched this video several times. There is always something fascinating to glean from it.

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This month we are studying
Surrealism. We have been analyzing and reproducing The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali. This piece of art has been rich fodder for conversation. Students provided their opinions of what some of the objects are and why. Students came up to the Smartboard, pointed to an object and stated, “I think this is a _ because . . .”.
We had a conversation about the mood of the painting. The painting evokes a somber mood due to its colours. We discussed how the mood would be altered by the use if warm or cool colours were used.

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