Kindergarden Canvas

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle


on October 23, 2012

I am teaching the class how to print the letters of the alphabet using Proud to Be Printing, a program developed by the Occupational Therapists of Vancouver Coastal Health. I am starting with upper case letters. The focus during the past week has been straight line letters. I start the lesson on the carpet using the Smartboard modelling how to properly form the letters in reference to the top line, mid line, and bottom line. I also provide examples of common errors that I won’t accept. We practise printing the letter with our finger while chanting directionality terms. For example, yesterday we did the letter T which was down, across. We print in the air, on the carpet, on our leg, the back of our hand, and on our friends’ backs. After that I get the class to warm up their finger muscles by doing spider push ups. Then I send them to their desks via crab walking. Crab walking warms up their trunk muscles. I ask them when they arrive at their desk to sit with their bottoms at the back of their chair with the chair pushed in and put their feet flat on the floor. I circulate around the room monitoring pencil grips. You can help reinforce skills at home by ensuring that your child is properly gripping writing tools: hold the pencil between the thumb and pointer finger, and resting the pencil on the middle finger for added stability. You can also monitor that your child writes letters from the top down (same direction as the way rain falls). Some children like to print letters from the bottom going up. I remind them that rain doesn’t fall up it goes down. At a kindergarten age, it is important to redirect as it is difficult to break a habit once it has gone to muscle memory.


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