Kindergarden Canvas

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle


Today’s Second Step lesson focused
on feelings. Students learned to observe a person’s body and face for clues on how someone is feeling. A sheet is being sent home today for homework.


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My Body

Ms. Wong is teaching a unit in Science on My Body. Here is the poem the class has been learning this week.


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Division 10 created beautiful lanterns to celebrate the Autumn Moon festival. Drop by the class to view them.


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Second Step

Today’s Second Step lesson focused on being assertive:
– face the person you’re talking to
– keep your head up and shoulders back
– use a calm firm voice
– use respectful words

Students were shown how aggressive and passive forms of communication are ineffective.

A homework sheet is being sent home today.

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Mind UP

Nightingale Kindergarten teachers spent yesterday’s professional development day being trained in Mind UP, a mindfulness educational program. A pink sheet is being sent home today which explains in detail the program.

The workshop facilitators presented information regarding the latest in brain research. Studies have shown that an individual’s social/emotional skills and ability to self regulate his or her own behaviour has a direct correlation to academic success.

A key component of Mind UP is mindful breathing, which will be practised several times throughout the day. It helps reduce an individual’s cortisol levels which in turn helps a person’s ability to focus.

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Division 10 is learning to identify, sort, and classify food into the four food groups: grains, fruit and vegetables, dairy, and protein. During snack time students come up to the smart board and point to which part of the rainbow their food belongs to.


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Every week Division 10 learns a poem. This week they learned I am Me. Today they illustrated a copy which will be glued into their Poetry and Song Book.

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More Homework

Thank you to all the families completing the Second Step homework. On Monday we sent home a sheet on Focusing Attention.  Yesterday we sent home a sheet on Following Directions. Tomorrow I will be teaching a lesson on Self-Talk for Staying on Task.  I’ll be sending home a worksheet for this lesson as well.  The skills taught during the Second Step lessons are reinforced and applied by both Ms. Wong and Ms. Yu.

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In math we are working on counting and patterns.  Students are learning that patterns repeat.  This week we have been working on identifying and creating AB patterns.  We have used our body (e.g. jump, clap) and uni-fix cubes (e.g. blue, yellow) to make AB patterns. I showed the class a couple of wonderful counting songs from Sesame Street.  Here they are. (Watch out you may soon by singing along with Feist and Train!)

And hot off the press – just released yesterday morning : )

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