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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

Ships Ahoy

We’ve completed our Pirate theme and have sailed on to Ninjas. By the end of the next couple of weeks your child’s skills in stealth will have surely improved. Be forwarned!

We are very excited that one of our dads will be coming by and sharing with us his passion related to all things Ninja. We can’t wait to have a resident expert on hand!

Next week will be exciting for our students as they will be showcasing their learning at student led conferences. School will be dismissed next Wednesday and Thursday at 2 pm. I will be coming in for the late evening on Wednesday. Colleen and I are both pleased with what the class has accomplished to date. I am sure you will be impressed with your child’s growth.

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Hit the Deck!

Division 10 is loving the adventures of the high seas. The mateys have completed the initial training and are now joining Jack and Annie on their adventure, em>Pirates Before Noon. A few of the crew are unsure of wether the life of a pirate is for them. Learning that life aboard a pirate ship involved eating maggot ridden tack bread not to mention possible amputation of limbs dulled the shine of adventure.

This and next week we are working on mapping skills. We’ve mapped the class and will learn a math game called Treasure Hunt.

2015/01/img_0189.jpg In gym I created a pirate ship game where the class needs to respond to my commands. I have a varied list including running to locations in the gym: north, south, east, west, starboard, port side, bow, & stern. One action you may like to deploy at home is to state, “The captain is coming!” It is quite remarkable how quickly your crewman will salute while saying “Aye aye captain!”

This week the Mystery Question is tricky. The class needs to manipulate shapes to determine what other shapes can be created. We discuss the attributes such as curved lines, quantity of straight lines, & if it has any corners


I am continuing to teach the class The Continent Song

Ms. Colleen is continuing to work and create with the class a song called The Pirates on the Ship. It is sung to the tune of the Wheels on the Bus.

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Vancouver Aquarium Aquavan

The Vancouver Aquarium recently sent gratis its Aquavan to spend a day at Nightingale. They set up in the gym and all classes rotated through the stations.







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Vancouver Aquarium Aquavan

The Vancouver Aquarium recently sent gratis its Aquavan to spend a day at Nightingale. They set up in the gym and all classes rotated through the stations.







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New Theme

It’s ships ahoy to our pirate theme. We are now into Ninjas. Students have learned that the first level of Ninja training is to know your strengths and weaknesses. This ties in nicely to goal setting. Every week we will be asking students to create a learning goal. The second level of Ninja training is developing physical fitness. The class has learned a training circuit using our front playground. Ask your child to demonstrate it to you before or after school.

The class has been doing a number of science experiments with Ms. Millman where they need to make use of their five senses. Yesterday they learned about camouflage.



During literacy block table groups are now playing sight word games after they finished their writing.


Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I will be sending home today a class list of names for those who wish to write valentines. Our Jump Rope for Heart event will be from 9:30 to 10:30. Please attend if possible as it is a wonderful event.

Children are asked to wear red or pink for the day. If you would like to send in a treat for the class to share please make it nut free as we have a child with a nut allergy.

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Welcome to Kindergarten iBook

If you have an iPad, iPod, or iPhone you can now download free of charge the digital bookWelcome to Kindergarten from the iBookstore. The book includes an audio component.

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Little Booklets

Check your child’s backpack for a collection of little booklets we worked on throughout the year. It’d be useful for your child to practise reading them throughout the summer.

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Art in the Style of Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a Swiss expressionist painter whose work is marked by clear lines and shapes. We reproduced his famous painting, Cat and Bird


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Oh Canada

The past week we have been using the Smart Board maps to help us learn where the provinces and territories are located. This week we have been learning about the Canadian artist Ted Harrison. This afternoon the class created work in his style. The results are beautiful!


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Gym Time

Today we were fortunate to have been able to use the gym for an hour. The class benefitted from the extra exercise. We played many games: freeze tag, slide tag, builders and bulldozers, grocery cart, pacman tag, safari, duck duck goose, superheroes. We also did relays: wheelbarrow, cheetah, snake, grasshopper, and logs. We finished by doing silent yoga.

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